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Poker house in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I known the host for many years online through poker forums. As my country legistlate online poker regulation, I will need to travel overseas to continue my career.  I remembered he has a poker house somewhere near my country, in Chiang Mai. So I decided to contact him and move there.


The house I moved into was spacious and neat, with regular maids coming in to clean the house and change the bedsheets. I had a huge comfortable room for a reasonable price and a grinding station prepared before hand. It’s huge that the place has already a grinding station prepared with 3 high speed internet available. I like it that I could immediately start my grind the moment I touch down, without having the hassle of subscribing internet lines or deal with house rental contracts.


There were also many other poker players living in the houses beside us, which form a lively community to play poker and do stuff. It was super enjoyable time as I can both manage my time of grind in the morning and take the night out with my poker peers. Meeting people from different nationalities is also a great plus. We also held monthly gatherings where we invite players from all over Chiang Mai to bring their friends for BBQ or drinks. What’s not the like?


The host is a trustworthy person and is sincerely helpful by nature. He also provides good recommendations to save money like where to eat good and cheap. Definitely will visit more of his poker houses all over the world.


Kilkelly, PokerStars


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