How to keep your passport safe while traveling

Hey Nomads,

this has come up more than once now in the Skype travel chat (ask @hids if you want to be added), so I thought I will write a little bit about how to keep your passport secure while traveling.

For most long term PokerNomads this will seem very basic and common sense but maybe you have some more ideas and tips on how to keep your passport safe, if yes please share and comment below,¬†I believe however it will be very helpful to NomadNoobs ūüėõ looking to get out for the first time traveling.

how to keep my passport safe

Here are the most important pointers in my opinion (Top 10):

1. NEVER give¬†your passport as a “security deposit” to a hotel, scooter rental¬†or¬†travel agency, there can however be moments where it’s most +EV to get your passport locked up at the hotel front desk if they have a safe (and your room doesn’t).


2. Bring 2-3 photocopies of your passport with you, this is an added layer of security¬†and¬†keeps pesky “hotel” owners with no photocopy machine of your back and in the worst case of passport loss it speeds up the process of getting a new one.


3. NEVER let anyone walk off with your passport (this includes the police).


4. Always keep an eye on your passport regardless if you trust that travel agent that must write down your details in the next room or that hotel owner looking to make a photocopy of your passport down the road.


5. Try to memorize your passport number and expiry date, it will a.) speed up check ins and filling out all those forms you get handed while traveling and b.) makes it more secure not having to pull your passport out each time.


6. Make sure to never leave it in checked-in baggage or any bags out of sight, basically only keep it on you at all times unless you are checked in a hotel or a location you can trust, unfortunately¬†there isn’t such thing as keeping your passport 100% secure all of the time but we can make sure we get the very best odds of not getting it stolen or lost while we travel.


7. If you go out party or just for a few beers it is more +EV to keep the passport back at your hotel in a place where you think thieves would not look first (IMO all drawers should be avoided) and if you have a safe in your hotel, use it.


8. Use a money pouch while traveling between NomadNetworks and when you have arrived where you can trust your new home away from home look at pointers from #7 again.


9. Take a picture of your passport and cloud store it or send yourself an email with the file attached, this is an added layer of security in case you happen to lose your passport and photocopies.


10. If you have no choice but to leave your passport in a suitcase or backpack (this applies mainly to BeachNomads) make sure you own a proper lock (not those $2 locks with number combinations you will find on asian markets!).

That’s all I got, do you have any other advice to keep your passport safe or do you disagree with some of those pointers, please comment below.







  1. Hids - Hidde 5 years ago

    Very good tips to keep your passport safe! Always good to be remembered. I never leave my passport out of my sight. If hotels or resorts want your passport as security deposit, tell them you can’t do that. You are not allowed as citizen of your country to hand your passport to someone else. Instead give them some cash as deposit.

    In case you lost your passport: go to the police, let them write a report so you can get an emergency passport from the embassy in that country. Location and all other info of the embassy of your country can be found on Internet.

    Great article once again

  2. Phil Weast 5 years ago

    Great advice on keeping your passport safe.
    If you are an American and traveling to Mexico, upon arrival you will receive an immigration form that you need to keep safe until your departure. The reality is that if you stay longer than the allowed 6 months, or lose that immigration form, then you will need to pay a fine which may or may not be negotiable.


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