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    Hello :), I haven’t played poker in about 7 months and just played a few months last year as well so I am a bit out of touch with the poker reality and probably suck really bad by now :P. I used to grind 15s/30s Spins and 6-Max Hypers, actually played higher as well but had bad results above 30s.

    In the spirit of not putting all eggs in one basket (got a few online projects, sell stuff on flea markets at weekends and hoping to strike it rich treasure hunting in the meantime ;)), I am looking to make a small extra income with Poker since I will be traveling/living in my camper van with mobile Internet only and can’t afford getting lot’s of SNGs disconnected. I am picking 6-Max Zoom for now but might switch if I don’t like it, my Postflop skills are pretty terrible so I got a bit of work to do, guess the rest I can figure out as well.

    I am starting with NL2z at Pokerstars and will be moving up each time I hit 5bb/100 over a 10k sample until NL10z and from there I will look for bigger samples, will decide when/if I get there. My Goal is to make an extra $1k/month with 50 hours of grinding to pay for food, diesel and beer, I believe this should be realistic at NL50z, but really anything over $500/month after RB will be worth it for me as a security blanket so I might just be happy part time grinding NL25z if I can get a good winrate, we’ll see…

    Poni (SomeBull)


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    First 10k hands done, got a lot to learn but confident I will be moving up soon. With my ChromeStar RB I probably even made a couple dollars haha.



    ^^ I only had to play a couple more hours after this. Level 1 complete :), next stop NL5z.



    Level 2 done :). Going to start at NL10z next week with a little bit bigger sample, will try for 20k games at 5bb/100.



    ^ I kinda dropped the ball with Zoom like 4 months ago, was really bored of the game and stopped playing a few k hands later on (was also badly spewing) then I focussed more on some online projects last couple months with little success tbh so I am looking for something else that earns me some extra $$$ online for the winter (no way I will get stuck in Europe), and poker might be an option if I can get my shit together ;).

    I just got back from a Poland trip with my best buddy and it was raining pretty much every day so we ended up donking about in some online MTTs when it rained just too hard to do anything else. We have a thing we call “Hand des Tages” (Hand of the Day) where each of us has a go at a certain hand that we have to play out no matter the flop and such, great fun :D, good candidates are 52s, 74s from UTG for example and of course we also drink while we play :P, needless to say this made us bust our “roll” quite fast…

    Long story short, it got me interested in giving MTTs a solid go as it was somewhat grindable even on 2G internet but finding a 3G connection should always be possible, I know it won’t be the easiest format to travel on but I will just try and see how I like it and then make it work somehow if I really enjoy the games and actually make some money.

    I figured I would risk $1k max. (if I bust I am done, no reloads!), at an ABI of $5 and just play on Stars, if I can make a dollar a game that’d be a very good start so I guess that would be my goal for now, volume wise I am not sure, I doubt I can do more than 6-8 tables at once but let’s see, will try to play 3-4 days a week for now, hoping this will give me at least 500 games/month.

    Let’s see how this goes, I will be starting likely this weekend :).


    BR loaded up. Will update again after the weekend :).

    MTT bankroll


    Short update: So far I am $200 down after 350 games played, been getting fairly deep in some few k player pools but busted just before the real money, overall I have mainly been focussing on the 45 to 180 mans (and some 18s and 27s to wind down), won a couple of the 45s and lower but been doing pretty bad in the 180s and 90s until yesterday where I binked my first 180 ($2.5 Turbo), what a rush haha :).

    Cheers to a better poker run going forward:

    poker beer


    I stopped playing MTTs about a week ago, just don’t think this is the right game for me at this time sitting there for hours, also I lost about $200 so this plays a part for sure hehe. I did have a couple more deeper runs in bigger fields but never really managed to make it to the final tables which is a bit frustrating, did win one tho (not exactly big field but still cool) also took down another 180 but just not enough to make a profit, ran real bad in the 90 mans, sample size obv, or skill idk ;)…

    poker mtt win

    Really looking for something I can pop in for an hour or even less at a time and grind a bit whenever I feel like it which sort of brings me back to my old main game 6 max hypers, going in circles for sure lol. Not saying no to doing some Spins and Zoom again as well but think this is my preferred format of the 3 and the one I have most experience with.

    Planning to play 1k $3.5s with minimum 5% EV and then evaluate if I want to play higher (more than half way done and looking ok so far) or just grind out a few extra dollars at low levels stress free, doubt I can do more than 2k games/month perhaps can do more in winter since I plan to rent a place somewhere and won’t have to deal with offline works and can just focus on online things including poker.

    Will figure this out eventually! 😀


    First 1k games at $3.5 done and looks like 6% EV+, took me a good while to play these games.

    6 max hyper graph

    I am going to opt for just staying at 3.5s for now until I know what I want from poker going forward, definitely still gonna play a couple games every other day.

    Might not update this thread anymore until I have the time/ambition to do a real grind again which possibly might happen this winter, thinking of renting a little cheap/shitty place somewhere in Asia for a couple months and focus hard on my online stuff and maybe poker too.

    Good Luck everyone :).

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