Best secluded beaches in the Philippines

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    Does anyone have some recommendations for nice and off the beaten track beaches in the Philippines? Surfable would be a plus but just looking for some quite clean beaches, found a couple in Luzon but I am very interested in the South too.


     udo manas


    kind of close to Manila is Sablayan in Occ. Mindoro. Try Pandan Island resort. Reasonably prices and good food. Amazing to snorkel there, turtles are always around and the coral reef is great too.

    Really off the beaten path: Araceli Dumaran Island Palawan. You need to get a ferry from Roxas-Palawan takes about 4 hours (interestingly great wifi connection while driving along Palawan). There is no tourism at all. Seafood is the best in the country (they have the famous Curacha which normally comes from Zamboanga) and great secluded beaches. Only two spartan guest houses in town.

    Isla Gigantes is nice. Get a flight to Roxas city on Panay from there with the Buss to Concepcion and then hire a boat. I heard it got a little touristy in the recent past, but the Beaches and small islands are among the most beautiful I have ever seen.

    All beaches directly around Manila are quite shitty you have to travel a bit to get to a really nice one. Cagbalete has some very nice Beaches. Take 5hour bus to Mauban in Quezon Province.

    I just realized, you asked ages ago. Well I leave the answer here in case anyone else is interested…


    Thanks Udo! Yeah it has been a while since I asked that one :P. Appreciate the reply, as I am pretty much every winter in the Philippines ;).

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