Any Paleo Grinders here?

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    Hey, I’ve been following the Paleo “Diet” fairly strict for the past 9 months and think I will do this for life unless I find something better (have tried a lot already diet-wise), just wondering if other guys here at Poker Nomads follow Paleo as well? Would be cool to exchange paleo grind snack ideas for example lol. Also if anyone is interested in learning more you can ask me anything :).


    Hey man!
    How cool that u follow a paleo diet 🙂
    I thought I wasn the only pokerplayer in the world doing this lol.

    I have followed it for like 1 year 3 months and feeling better than ever.
    I drink some wine and clean spirits every once in a while tho when partying but never to the point where I get super wasted.

    One snack I like is oven baked sweet potato that is satuating, need some prep time tho. Macadamia nuts is awesome also.



    Haha perfect Tom, I thought it was a pretty long shot posting this here lol, we gotta figure that Paleo for Nomads out together, it really isn’t easy on the road 🙂 Looks like we started at around the same time since posting this, more than 4 months have passed.

    I am finding it very tough currently to keep fully paleo (had some cheat meals and regretted it each time) and I am even going to start AIP on September 15th (Autoimmune Protocol), I chose that date so it’s right after my birthday (less temptations) and I should be settling in for a 2-3 months grind in Germany before the real Nomad season starts again in around November (easier to batch create foods and buying quality produce) so yeah, then or never haha.

    Means no more nuts, no more eggs, no more nightshades, no more alcohol (this will be the hardest one letting go of daily red wine dose :D) and more… I am thinking of getting rid of those “questionable” foods for 1-2 months and then slowly reintroduce them 1 by 1 to see what is causing some allergic symptoms that I believe are food related but I might be wrong, worth a try.

    +1 to those baked sweet potato chips!! I love them 🙂 And prep time isn’t too bad especially when my wife does them :D…

    We really got to get into making our own beef jerky as a grind snack. 🙂

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