2016 – Happy with $20/hour – Live/Online, Part-Time-Poni (PTP)

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    Hey guys,

    I wasn’t really planning to make another thread for 2016 since I will be only part timing poker at best but it’s always nice to stay motivated, get some free advice and log sessions :).

    I have finished my Supernova-Run at Stars in December with Spins and haven’t been playing online since and probably won’t while I am in the Philippines (only going to play live here), there is pretty much no way I will make SN again this year and also little chance that I will be back playing Spins.

    My poker plan this year is pretty simple: Try out all sorts of games and sites (sorry Stars :P) online and live and figure out what format I like best and improve in it enough to make $20/hour or better at lowest live stakes or low-mid online stakes. The only games I really played in my “poker career” so far were 6max Hypers and Spins so I got a lot to learn!

    Overall I will have not that much time for playing poker unfortunately, I would be very happy to just make some extra in low stress stakes. I am running a small business that currently puts enough food on the table with little variance lol and I am going to travel most of the time anyhow (fixing up an old camper van which will be my home when I get back to Europe) and also I am busy with a bunch of projects including PokerNomads of course ;).

    Why $20/hour? It’s just kind of a security net that could support us here worst case, my plan is to be able to close the business we run in Germany by the end of the year and just focus on the projects I can run remotely then move back to the Philippines but spend summers in Europe plus travel a lot and enjoy life of course.

    My Bankroll online is $1500 plus I have set aside roughly $550 for live play which is probably a bit low but I could reload worst case.

    Goal Summary:

    – Log at least 300 hours Live, aim for 600
    – Log at least 300 hours Online, aim for 600
    – Make $20/hour
    – Have a great time

    Good luck in 2016 everyone!!


    Ok here are the results from the first couple days, all played in Wild Aces, Angeles City:

    1/31: -475 Php (3h 25/50)
    2/1: +750 Php (4,5h 25/25)
    2/4: +4370 Php (3h 25/25)
    2/5: +4050 Php (3,5h 25/25)
    2/6: +3900 Php (0,5h 25/25)
    2/8 -6125 Php (4,5h 25/25)

    Live Poker total so far: +6470 Php in 19 hours = +340 Php/hour which is about +$7,11/hour

    Overall happy with the start, if I didn’t get ridiculously rivered in a huge pot last night it would have been an awesome start. I definitely have a lot to learn still in cash and don’t feel ready to play 25/50 yet (which is the most common game in that place), 25/25 is a bit of a silly game but allows me to see lots of flops. The plan for now is just trying to book small wins and get that confidence up (thanks for the advice @philweast ;)).


    Update for the past couple days, all played at Wild Aces AC as well:

    2/9: -325 Php (3,5h 25/25)
    2/10: -625 Php (4h 25/25)
    2/11: -3025 Php (4h 25/25)
    2/12: -3800 Php (3,5h 25/25)
    2/13 -2100 Php (5h Live Tournament)
    2/14 +6900 Php +2500 Php Tournament Ticket (6h Live Tournament)
    2/15 +8900 Php (3h 25/25)

    ^ I was starting to doubt the whole operation after losing 6 days in a row (of course I only play very few hours a day so sample is quite meaningless) but then I caught a lucky break and split 1st price 50-50 with another player in a tourney I didn’t really plan to join in the first place (I actually bought in only a few minutes before rebuy period ended and my QTs did quite well vs KK in my first hand for a quick double up :P), unfortunately there was no more incentive left to play it out HU since we chopped twice already on the final table, also quite happy about getting a free ticket for the 300k guarantee next week since I was going to play this one anyhow. And yesterday I had my best day so far at the cash tables so let’s see where all this goes :).

    Angeles City Poker Tournament

    Total Live Cash: +7595 Php/37h = 205 Php/h = +,32/h
    Total Live Tournaments: +4800 Php/11h = 436 Php/h = +,19/h

    Live Poker total so far: +12395 Php/48 hours = +258 Php/hour = +$5,44/hour

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