2016 Goals – SomeBull (Top Reg at 60s! :P)

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    Hi everyone :).

    My name is Toni (Poni) and I play at Stars under the SN SomeBull.

    I am planning to drop most of my business stuff (it just doesn’t make me happy and ties me down way too much for my taste) and make a return into a bit more serious poker. I decided that I will pick 6max Hypers (my first “love”) and see how it goes. I did try out and study all sorts of different games live and online kind of half assed in the last 2 years since I had so little time and as far as my small samples go I was a slight or better winner in each format so I am hopeful this will help me do even better in Hypers now than in 2014 when I quit those games, back then I managed to move up to 60s/100s but got destroyed by better regs.

    I am currently 3 tabling some $3.5s just to plug the most obvious ICM leaks. Once I have played a few hundred of those games and feel good about everything I will jump right back into 15s and take it from there.

    My poker goals for the rest of the year are:

    1. more than 100k VPPs (currently got close to 4k)
    2. minimum 100 hours a month playing and at least another 50 for studying
    3. become one of the Top Regs at 30s/60s 😉
    4. make enough monies to fund a fun travel/grind lifestyle

    My life goals for the rest of the year:

    1. clear out baggage and get back to a minimalistic but happy lifestyle
    2. travel a lot more
    3. fix up my van and turn it into my main home/office
    4. keep working on my house in the “woods” and turn it into a man cave (no homo :D)
    5. spend more time with my hobbies and work on DIY’s I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time
    6. bring down the time I spend on business stuff to 50 hours a month maximum by the end of the year
    7. drink less alcohol, exercise harder, relax a bit more on my diet and enjoy some “bad“ foods, make new friends, have more time for family, take breaks when I need them and sleep more



    It’s been almost a month since I started this challenge and have not really found the time yet to grind again but I am now fully decided that I will be starting asap and taking this more serious than ever! Just need to deal with some other stuff first so I will have enough time in my days for serious poker going forward.

    The test at 3.5s went well btw:

    6 max hyper turbo 3.5s

    100% going to be back in full grind mode in August, maybe even earlier :).


    I finally have a moment to update my blog, today is my birthday so I want to take it easy for a change and not work and play much haha.

    Initially I wanted to update weekly but I think once a month has to do for now.

    1st Month

    I decided to skip 7s indeed and take a stake and coaching deal that starts at 15s. It is a fairly long contract until the end of 2018 but I believe this was the right decision for me and I am really learning a lot right now. I am confident that I will start crushing those games very soon.

    I am struggling a bit to manage my time and volume currently but as soon as I get up to 6 tabling (I hope sometime next month) I will be able to schedule my grind, work and balance way better because the minimum I will generally have to play is 100 hours and 3000 games a month which shouldn’t be hard and I will definitely aim for more. First month was an exception because I was 2-3 tabling only and had a lot of work on the side, this month might be tight as well but I think I should hit 3k games because I started 4 tabling a few days ago, but not too sure about my 100k VPP yearly goal as it would require me to move up fast but it’s not looking too good right now as a certain EV is required.

    6 max hypers poker graph

    Hours played: 148
    Games played: 2571
    Winnings after RB: -$87,48

    As you can see month 1 was not the greatest of starts but I am fairly sure I will start making monies in September!

    In other news, my van is finally in driving condition and got the classic car registration approved which is a big money saver, now it’s time to make it livable inside. Also in the DIY department I have finished digging a good sized driveway for the van by hand which is some serious effort for someone in and out of pain management therapy all the time and next month going to build maybe a wall but definitely some stairs. I am already thinking of digging a pool by hand next year, this was a good exercise, might be down for some prop bets when the time comes :D.

    Poker Van

    Couldn’t find a picture of van, just me driving it, will post one next update. I love that van, it’s not one of those gas guzzlers I had before!


    2nd Month

    I am late in the month again with my update, still struggling with time management and other issues so I have to keep this short as well. September was indeed good money wise but EV wasn’t good enough, I am still at 15s, safe to say I will miss my 100k VPP goal this year especially since I am now back to 3-4 tabling and micro sets until I sort problems in my game and get my EV on track, goodbye Supernova (fwiw).

    hyper poker graph

    Hours played: 149
    Games played: 3008
    Winnings after RB: +$3167.84

    It is slowly getting cold here and I am mostly done with wrapping up the offline stuff so I will probably take a couple days off next month and drive down south for the winter and grind there, maybe Morocco, not sure yet or just keep it simple and go back to the Philippines till spring, really want to work hard on the house next year, making some money would help ;).


    3rd Month

    As usual a very late update, but here is how October went. The one big spike is a Freeroll I played on my phone, I was just in for the $5 min cash since the tourney had close to 100k players signed up and I didnt think it would make sense to really focus on it but all of a sudden and a few flips later I had close to $50 already secure so I decided I need to take it very serious and did not open another bottle of wine as was planned for the evening hehe.

    26: XXXXXXXXX (Russia), $870.00 (0.087%)
    27: SomeBull (Germany), $695.50 (0.069%)

    poker graph october 2016

    poker grinding on phone

    In other news I am back on my own roll and have not played a game of Hypers this month and probably will not return anymore, been dabbling (read spewing) in all sorts of formats since (mainly NL and PLO 6 max) but all my friends keep telling me I should just make my way back to Spins so this is what I will probably end up doing cause I pretty much suck at cash (and probably any real form of poker lol).

    Only thing I will not be playing is MTTs for sure, open for anything else, definitely going to make a decision this month then get the fuck out of this cold weather and focus real hard on getting better and making enough for a good travel and grind lifestyle.

    Chances are this will be my last post itt, I might start a new one for 2017 or once I know what I am going to be doing poker wise, thanks everyone!


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