1600 Spins in 8 Days (at 15s)

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    I decided to start a little poker challenge to keep me motivated the next couple days. I need to reach my 6500 Veeeeps at Pokerstars in order to maintain Supernova in April and I only got about 8 days available that I can use to grind and 2 of them aren’t even full days, yeah still probably an easy enough task for most of you but I don’t think I ever played more than like 120 spins in a day so this is a bit of a stretch for me, but I am motivated :)…

    Starts tomorrow morning, will probably be 3 tabling on average at 15s…

    Let’s go!!


    1st day went nice winnings wise (+$285) :), but managed to only get 165 games in total, will see if I can get more in today or else I will have to rethink my planning for the next week…


    2nd day and another nice winning of $565 in 171 games :)… It is becoming clear to me that I will need to change my plans and play the whole rest of the month (except on 30th where I really can’t), the last sets of the day my game slips into a B Game too much with poor concentration plus some misclicks, so my goal is to play 160+ everyday which will be enough for maintaining SN… Hope this upwards trend continues 🙂


    and another day of awesome sunrun lol, $450 in 148 games… will probably only update one more time once I am done with the challenge since I just created my “years goals” and will focus on that one, gotta stay away from to many challenges :D…

     Ben David 

    Easy game 🙂 beat em up

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