Grinders Welcome in Sachsen Anhalt Germany

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Posted On February 4, 2015
Expires On November 5, 2114

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Hello! My name is Toni, I am 32 years old and currently semi-settled in East Germany. I have been using sites and services like Hospitality Club and Warm Showers both ways since more than 13 years and made a bunch of great friends that way and would love to give back a little with offering some free accommodation and space to grind in my home, I know poker players have some special needs (trololol) when it comes to a place to stay (we got internet! hehe) . It’s nothing fancy but no-one here will look at you weird if you play poker for 8 hours a day ;)… Anyhow if you are in the area and want to save a couple bucks you can totally crash at my place for a few days, just need to know some days in advance…


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