San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose – Largest and safest city in beautiful Costa Rica

Culture and Language

The natives are called Ticos and are very friendly and loving. Spanish is the primary language but English is also quite popular and you can get by without knowing how to speak Spanish.

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Party Scene

You’ll find a lively nightlife catering to the mix of tourists, college students, and fun loving Ticos. There are bars, clubs, discos and even some amazing adult entertainment facilities for your pleasure.

Cost of Living

Costa Rica is beautiful and living in San Jose is truly a bargain. You can live like a Miami baller while paying a fraction of the cost.


San Jose has been undergoing a massive modernization in transportation. There is an urban tram system that will eventually connect the every corner of the city. The busses are still run by private companies but they are reliable. Taxis are all red and belong to a registered cooperative.


San Jose is in a tropical rain forest. The temperature is reasonably cool due to the elevation and location. It rains frequently and subsequently has high humidity especially during the summer months.

Poker Grinding Facts

San Jose has a decent sized community of poker players living in paradise. Many long time pros have made San Jose their home, some even getting married and having children with some beautiful Ticas.

The internet connect is solid and there are few disconnection issues.

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