Rosarito – The original and largest community of black Friday PokerNomads.

Is this your first poker relocation? If so, Rosarito may be the perfect for you. Here you will find a largest community of PokerNomads. This sleepy beach town is one hour south of the heart of San Diego and a 7 hour drive to Las Vegas. This laid back town was the original meet-up for online poker players when black Friday hit the US.

Culture and Language

The official language of Mexico is Spanish however in Rosarito English is spoken in all major areas. There are restaurants, coffee houses, stores and gas stations all over the main street with both Spanish and English spoken. You won’t find much culture unless you wander outside of the heart of the small city. Outside the city you can find traditional Mexican farmers markets, cuisine, and shoppes.

Tropical beach

Party Scene

There are a few small places to dance and get wasted in Rosarito. The party scene is minimal, but Tijuana is about 15 minutes away which never a shortage of parties. Hong Kong is an awesome multilevel strip club that is a short drive away. If you’re looking to dance, get wasted, or party hard, you can do it Tijuana for only half price of Vegas.

Cost of Living

One of the many things you will love about Rosarito is the cost of living. You can rent a beautiful one bedroom apartment, fully furnished with excellent security, parking, gym, pool, laundry service and beach front balcony for 500 US dollars per month.


Getting around Rosarito is simple. Many PokerNomads simply drive their car across the border. Taxis are super cheap and available 24/7. There are also many local busses that are even cheaper than the taxis.


The weather is beautiful year round. There is a slight change with seasons where the winters get a little cooler but you will never need a heavy jacket.

Grind Facts

There are hundreds of online poker players at any time of the year. Internet will sometimes go out but the backup USB sticks are reliable.

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