Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. Although it is well developed, there is an element of old world charm found in cobblestone paths and narrow lanes which transport you back in time.

Culture and Language

The official language is Czech, but you will find many are fluent in English. Prague is the home of many cultural attractions such as castles, parks, theaters and museums.

Prague Poker

Party Scene

Prague is known for it’s crazy party scene and the clubs spin from dusk till dawn. Absinthe is a popular drink and it’s known to fuel some crazy evenings.

Cost of living

The cost of living is one of the most affordable compared to all the developed cities in the world. Cheaper than most of Europe, it is comparable to living in a U.S. city with a low cost of living such as Detroit.


Like many European cities, public transportation in Prague is highly modernized. The infrastructure consists of Metro lines, tram lines, busses, funiculars (inclined plane cliff railways), and ferries. Living in the city you will not need a car.

There is also a “fair taxi policy” which ensures a fair price. The two train stations in Prague can bring you anywhere you need to go in Europe.


Prague is one of those cities that has beautiful summers with brutally cold winters. PokerNomads from tropical climates may have trouble adapting to the dark, cold winters. Temperatures can drop to -20 degrees Celsius.

Grind Facts

There are a lot of poker players living in Prague. EPT stops in Prague and the casino action is booming during that time. Internet is very reliable and there are rarely disconnections.

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