Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen – Online Grinder’s Paradise.

This amazing beach town has become a very popular PokerNomads spot. There are 100-150 poker players living in Playa.

Culture and Language

The people in Playa are very friendly and always helpful. The Mayan Ruins in Tulum are rich in culture and a popular tourist destination. Cenotes are amazing and swimming in one is a must. Spanish is the main language but there are also a lot of locals that speak English.

Poker Nomads in Playa del Carmen

Party Scene

Playa Del Carmen has an amazing nightlife and you can find a good party that lasts till the sun comes up any night of the week. PokerNomads enjoy the endless stream of tourist that come from all over the world to let loose. Calle 12 is filled with alcohol induced madness that will get you coming back and never wanting to leave.

Cost of Living

You can live as cheap as you want with a studio starting around $300 up to baller spots on the beach for $1-2k. Mexican food is cheap and delicious. PlayaNow is a delivery service that provides PokerNomads with anything they need.


The Taxi Service in Playa is very reasonable, you can get to most places for 30 Pesos ($2). There is also a Collectivo is a public bus system and is your best option for travel when you want to see some other amazing beaches such as Tulum or Isle Mujures.


It’s beautiful weather year round in Playa. It’s paradise as most days are sunny while the rainy months are in the summer. The beach is a popular PokerNomad hotspot, the water temperature is always comfortable.

Poker Grinding Facts

Internet is reasonably stable. Backup USB sticks are used to cover the rare disconnections. There is a casino in Playa and the poker action varies.

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