Phuket- Tropical Island paradise in southern Thailand. It is a very popular tourist destination with many PokerNomads living there year round. Phuket is known for its beautiful tropical beaches that have white sand, crystal clear water and palm trees.

Culture and Language

Southern Thai is the official language but most of the locals speak excellent English. Buddhism is very popular and you can find temples everywhere.

Poker in Phuket

Party Scene

Bang La Road in Patong has a 24/7 nightlife with lots of bars and clubs. The action is amazing and Phuket has the best party scene in Thailand after Bangkok.

You will find some of the most beautiful working girls in Thailand. Prices are negotiable and quality varies.

Cost of Living

It’s very reasonably priced living and you can live here pretty cheap. The closer you get to the party scene, the more expensive it gets. For around 500 US dollars you can rent your own private furnished apartment. There are also many poker houses where PokerNomads rent a 4-6 bedroom house with beautiful gardens and swimming pools.


The easiest way to get around is to rent a scooter. Everyone drives a scooter and it only costs about 3 dollars per day. This is a great option for PokerNomads as there is no need for insurance or licence to rent scooters.

Tuk-Tuk Taxis are a 3-wheeled vehicles that can transport you anywhere on the island.


The weather in Phuket is sunny and warm all year round. The best months to visit are from September through April before the rainy season. It gets humid in the summer and it will rain almost every day but for short periods of time.

Poker Grinding Facts

There are many PokerNomads who have made south Phuket their permanent home and some have lived there over 5 years. It’s simple to play online poker here, internet is reliable, and you can purchase a back up stick just in case from Dtac or True.

Many PokerNomads located in Phuket visit Macau regularly for Macau’s good live poker action all year round.

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