London is a leading global city with strengths in arts, education, media, professional services, fashion, transportation, commerce, and tourism.  The rich history and culture in this city will keep you mesmerized.

Culture and Language

Due to its long history, the culture of present day London is very rich. The eastern part of London has some of the best galleries, museums and theaters. The official language of London, England is English, duh.

London Poker

Party Scene

London has a very happening nightlife that can take you well into the morning. It offers an eclectic mix of night clubs, pubs, music bars, concert venues etc. There are theaters like Greenwich Theatre and Theatre Royal which are known for putting up some of the best shows in the world.

Cost of living

The cost of living in London is relatively expensive compared to some other PokerNomads destinations.


London’s underground rapid transport system is commonly referred to as “the tube”. It is the oldest and second longest metro system in the world. It has 270 stations and has over 300 journeys per day. It may seem a bit overwhelming but once you learn the system, getting around the city is easy. The bus network is one of the world’s largest and runs 24 hours. Taxis, Cable cars, river boat services, and bicycles are also found in the city.


London’s climate can be difficult for PokerNomads that are used to living in the tropics. Winters are long, cool, and damp. Snowfall can sometimes cause travel disruptions.

Grind Facts

London is a tax haven and many online poker players live there. There are also casinos with good cash games. Very popular for Europeans who leave have countries with strict tax laws.

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