Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the foothills of the northern Thailand. It is well known for its laid back pace of life and picturesque surroundings.

Culture and Language

Kham Muang (also known as Northern Thai) is the official language. English is spoken in all major hotels and travel related businesses. Chaing Mai hosts many Thai cultural festivals and has many museums for those who wish to explore Thai culture. Back street massage parlors, horse racing, and street food is also popular.

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Party Scene

Chiang Mai offers a very vibrant nightlife with many options available for drinking and dancing. Venues offering live music are everywhere throughout the city. Nimmanheimin Road is very popular area for partying since it has the  highest concentration of bars and clubs.

Cost of Living

Chiang Mai is a very affordable city to live in as the cost of living is much less than some other PokerNomad destination. All homes and apartments come fully furnished at an unbelievably low price.


The main way to get around is by scooter. You can rent one for around 100 US dollars per month. No driver licence required, you can show your passport.

Car rental is also an option. Main source of public transportation is a tuk-tuk, a 3 wheeled motor vehicle, which costs a few dollars. Last option is a Songtaew, A pickup truck that acts as a shuttle that can fit up to 8 people in the back. Outside of the airport, taxis are not common.


The winter months are optimal to visit, it’s dry and there is no rain for several months. Daytime can reach 90 degrees fahrenheit. The hottest months of the year April and May which has high humidity and occasionally rain.

Grinding Facts

Chiang Mai is a very popular destination for online poker players. There are generally between 50-100 depending on the time of year.

Internet connection for online poker is very good here. There are several reliable internet providers such as 3BB.

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One Review for Chiang Mai

  1. Toni says:
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    This review was sent to me by Hids a long term Chiang Mai Poker Expat (but now living in Colombia):

    Besides the nightlife, beautiful culture there are a lot of activities in and around Chaing Mai. Think about to visiting the national park to get away from the tables or a 1 day trekking through the mountains and visit a hill tribe village or to learn to cook traditional Northern thai food. You can also do Ziplining, rafting, mountain biking downhill.

    Living in Chiang Mai as a poker player is great, easy and not expensive. There are a lot of restaurants with great international and local food. Think about French, Spanish or Italian restaurants with the finest steaks or pasta’s. If you want to try the local food you wont be dissapointed, there are many Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai and if you cant eat spicey they will make it just as you like it!

    Furthermore you will not be bored in Chiang Mai, there are several universities located in Chiang Mai with many students from all over Thailand, which resulted in having many bars, lounge places and nightclubs, and they are open 7 days a week until 2 AM or later.

    RATINGS to live in Chiang Mai as a Poker Player:

    Internet: 8/10

    Get your own internet line for 30$ a month and you will have a good internet connection, with barely disconnects. In case you want to be sure you can get a backup connection for about 35$ and play through 3G from your mobile phone. Internet packages are in general quite cheap.

    Mobile internet package: 1GB for 10$ ~

    Backup internet recommend

    General Safety: 9,5/10

    Chiang mai is super safe. Nobody will ever do something to do. In general people from Chiang Mai will never pickpocket, steal or do anything bad against you. Its very importent that you respect the Thai people, be polite with them and they will be always polite to you. If you forget your bag somewhere it will mostly still be there when you come back. People are honest, friendly and will help you if they can.

    Prices: 9/10

    Chiang Mai is very inexpensive compared to other places.You can live in Chiang Mai with a budget of 600$ a month included rent, food and all utilities. If you have a higher budget you can live a more luxury lifestyle with $1k. You can have a good night out for < $50. Local beers are in the range from 2-3$ and a bucket (1L) of a cocktail mix is around 8-10$. Nightlife: 8/10 As being said earlier; Chiang Mai nightlife is 7 days week on. It doesnt matter which night you prefer to have a drink with friends or visit a bar to meet new people, it's always open. There are 5-10 nightclubs in Chiang Mai and always enough options to drink or dance Sports: 7/10 The poker players in chiang mai play football, badminton, go to the gym and play other sports (cycling) if there is interest in. Football matches are being organised weekly and a lot of people workout in one of the many gyms. Gym membership costs between; $2 per day or 30-100$ a month depending on your budget. Poker Community 8/10: There is a big poker community in Chiang Mai with approximately 50-100 players based here longterm. Most o the people know each others and BBQ's & birthday parties are being hosted regularly which is a great way to meet other poker players. Also people come and visit the city for a few months and travel further to other places in South East Asia. Food: Thai food is everywhere in Chiang Mai, also many foreign restaurants with western food is widely available. Conclusion: Chiang mai is a laidback city in northern Thailand. Many poker players settled themselves here to have a mix of hard work online and relaxing in the city while being surrounded by the beautiful mountains, prices are inexpensive, there is 7 days a week nightlife, you can get a good internet connection, sports are being played and you will feel super safe.

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