Living in Bangkok is truly memorable. There is so much diversity found everywhere from it’s wild Red Light Districts to the famous Buddhist Temples. It’s no wonder this city was ranked #1 by “Travel and Leisure” four times.

Culture and Language

People here are hospitable and are known to smile a lot. They appreciate tourism and are very friendly. Many locals also have a strong sense of patriotism, so be aware and respectful of their customs.

Bangkok Expats

Bangkok has been strongly influenced by modern times. Although it is a popular tourist destination, you can still wander into the city to find several temples, monks, spirit houses, and images of Buddha. Overall, the culture is a mix of modernism and Buddhism.Generally, people speak the native language, Thai. If you only know English, you can get by by learning a few Thai phrases.

Cost of Living

The cost of living can vary based on how nice you want to live. Apartments start at 400 US dollars up to as high as you want. Some PokerNomads go all out and get a penthouse suite for around $1-1.5K per month. An epic night out clubbing about 50 dollars. Alcohol is super cheap and local meals are around 5 dollars. A fancy dinner at a top restaurant is very reasonable and you can enjoy some amazing ethnic meals.


There is no shortage of Taxis in Bangkok and they are very cheap, you can get to most places for $1-$5.  The Bankok Mass Transit System (BTS) is an elevated rapid transit system that has 34 stops and spans 36 Kilometers (22 miles).  The BTS is air conditioned and a very good options for PokerNomads looking to explore.


Bangkok has a tropical climate and remains warm year round. The best months to visit are in winter from September through March. During the summer months heavy rain showers often appear out of nowhere and the humidity can be high.

Grind Facts

Bangkok is one of top online poker destinations in the world. Year round there are always over 100 players living in small groups. Internet is very reliable with rare disconnects lasting for under a millisecond. A USB stick for an emergency back up will cost around 25 dollars per month. Underground live poker is also an option. There are multiple underground casinos that also offer hotel rooms. Rich buisnessmen often make the poker games very profitable.

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