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About PokerNomads

PokerNomads was started by traveling poker players who are crushing life and wanted to share their amazing experiences with the world.  We have quickly grown to have NomadNetworks in many cities all over the world. These NomadNetworks are unique online communities filled with amazing people who are living in some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Being able to bring PokerNomads and aspiring world travelers together has always been our top priority.  While process of moving to a new country with a different languages and cultures may seem overwhelming.

We have immense first-hand experience and local knowledge that you can’t find on google. Our PokerNomad Relocation Team is here to help you with all your traveling needs, give you current and relevant information while excelling with our top-notch customer service skills.

PokerNomads is here to hopefully inspire everyone to travel the world and start crushing life.

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tl;dr: PokerNomads is a Community, a Traveling Resource and a Lifestyle that will have you exploring the world and crushing life.


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